Friday, January 22, 2010

Today Is Friday.....

Friday excites me.  Friday means two days of not having to work. 

I like my job, don't get me wrong.  It frustrates the crap out of me sometimes, but overall the place I work is not bad at all.  It pays well, that's for sure.  And while I do wish that I was a stay at home mom, or rather a work at home mom, this job isn't so bad.

This weekend shall be fun.  Cleaning, sitting at home, watching the Jets fight for a chance to play in the Super Bowl sounds like fun, right?  Okay so my weekend doesn't have huge plans, but it does beat the alternative - work. 

Konnor will not be home this weekend.  That is good and bad.  I like to be able to have some toddler-free time, since he can be so rambunctious when confined in close quarters for an extended period of time, but I do tend to miss his royal cuteness.

I plan to finish mine and Justin's taxes this weekend.  That's fun, right??  With having Ariana this year, our returns will be hefty.  Which means I can pay people back and get my new camera!  Now THAT is exciting.  I think I have finalized my camera decision, which has changed a million times, so it will probably change again. 

Oh and I think my friend is having her birthday party this weekend.  Perhaps I should verify that so I don't miss it.  Haha.

Okay okay enough rambling from me for one post.  Notice I said post, not day. :P