Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ariana's Scary ER Story...

"Mommy, baby sister is throwing up."

That's how it all started.  Normally, this wouldn't cause much concern, since Ariana sometimes does throw up after eating.  Rarely, but it happens.  This time, however, was different, because she hadn't eaten in a couple hours. 

I walked over and it looked like she was kind of choking but she was definitely throwing up.  Thinking maybe her tummy was upset or she was sick, I sat on the floor, legs extended, and put her over them.  Patting her back, I got her to throw up a little more and then she seemed okay.

About that time, and great timing it was, my friend Kelly showed up with her little boy.  She sat on the couch, a couple feet from me when Ariana started to choke and throw up again.  I put her back over my legs and patted her back.  Gasping for air, she rolled herself over and was looking at me with this helpless little look. 

The time frames are so off, I'm sure.  It felt like this whole thing took hours when really it was mere minutes. 

She stopped gasping for air and started choking again.  Kind of throwing up.  But most definitely gagging.  She took one deep breath and that was it.  Something was stuck, because her face started turning purple as she started struggling to breath, and her lips turned blue.

I handed her to Kelly and dialed 9-1-1.  The scariest thing a mother has to do, and the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming for me.  Had Kelly not been there, I guarantee I would have been in hysterics.  She held Ariana while I talked to the dispatcher, and within minutes (again, felt like hours) paramedics were here.

By the time they got here, Ariana had stopped choking.  Whatever was blocking her airway either went down or came up.  We aren't sure.  Her breathing wasn't normal, but by the time we got to the children's hospital, it was.  I did opt to have the paramedics take us in the ambulance, only because I didn't want to run the risk of her choking again in the backseat of my car on the freeway.  No chances.  No way!

X-rays showed nothing.  Doctor's were pleased with her color and breathing when she arrived.  So we were told to watch her breathing for anything out of the normal, keep an eye out for a fever or other sign of infection, and check out any poopie diapers for the foreign object.

They did also say it could have been that she was choking on her vomit, which I suppose is possible.  Do I find that a likely cause for what terrified me so? No.  That doesn't seem accurate.  Konnor was playing with her about 10 minutes before it all happened, and I wonder if he brought one of his small toys to share with his baby sister.

So we are watching.  Waiting.  Hoping to find something in her stools to give answers to what caused such a heart-wrenching catastrophe.  I honestly believed that they were going to need a second ambulance for the heart attack I was about to have. 

Children are amazing.  I love mine to pieces.  You better believe after all has been said and done, there will be a more careful eye from this mommy.


Kerri said...

That was scary. {{hugs}}