Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! 2010

Last night we put a close to another year. For me it was a year full of ups and downs that have taught me so much.

Everything happens for a reason.

Some things to reflect on....

1. Where were you ten years ago?

At the age of 12, almost 13, i was experiencing the joys of my period for the first time ever. I was also babysitting for a house party. There were around 10 kids and i made $40.

2. What have you accomplished in the last 10 years?

Wow, I would have to say quite a bit. I mean, I have managed to pop out two kids, break my mother's heart and mend it again, have my heart broken upteen times, and come out on top, work in a place that i'm not always happy at (but it pays the bills), live on my own, and learn some life lessons i'm not soon to forget.


Overall, the last ten years have really changed me. I guess at such a young age, that really is inevitable. Maybe in 40 years, my decades will be a little less adventerous, and my stories not quite so grand, but so long as i have my children (and wrinkles forbid grandchildren), I will remain happy. There is so much to come in the next decade and the one after that, that looking on the past is so short compared to the future.

3. The last year.... what are the highlights?

Two things come to mind here. Konnor starting preschool and Ariana's birth. Such huge milestones in my life, and great accomplishments. My kids are my world, and there is nothing I enjoy more than watching them grow, explore, and the bond they have formed and continue to form with each other.
4.  What is(are) your New Year's Resolution?
  • lose this baby weight!
  • remove the people who don't feel as if I matter in their lives from mine.
  • make 2010 the year to remember!!
I have hopes.  I have dreams.  I have plans.