Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sibling Love... How Powerful!!

This morning, I witnessed something absolutely spectacular. There is no other way to put it.

Normally, when Ariana cries, Konnor attempts to calm her down by talking to her or playing with her. His love for his baby sister is out of this world, and tends to bring a tear to my eye. They will be great friends, I can see this.

However, the tables changed this morning. It was no longer Konnor that was concerned about Ariana, but Ariana who was concerned about her big brother. He wasn't listening and was sent to time out, which sent him into a fit of crocodile tears. Ariana, who was playing with a toy, dropped it at the first sound of her brother crying, and turned her head in his direction.

Watching this interaction pulled at my heartstrings. She was trying to find him, and nothing else could grab her attention. I tried to give her toy back, but she would pay no attention to me. She kept staring down that hallway, looking for her crying brother, who she couldn't see.

After Konnor's timeout, he came in to his concerned sister, and gave her a hug and kiss. Dismissing the thought that something was wrong, Ariana went back to her toy and continued playing.

How amazing is it to watch siblings interact? My 3 1/2 year old trying to comfort and be concerned with his baby sister is one thing, but for my 6 month old being deeply concerned about her big brother is something amazing.