Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life Without A Man....

Seems weird to say it, but it's rather peaceful with Justin visiting family on the east coast.  Sure, taking care of the kiddos all by myself sucks, but it isn't too much different comparing when he's here.  He will pick them up from daycare, but for the most part, I tend to do all the work.

The most enjoyable part is that I can clean and not get frustrated that I am the only one cleaning.  Having the bed all to myself was great, until I realized how hard it is to sleep without Justin by my side.  I don't think I have been awake so much during the night since the first week Ariana was home.

Speaking of which, Ariana turned 6 months old yesterday! Wow.  Hard to believe she has been with us for one half of a whole year.  It's hard to remember life without her at this point, and that girl can tug at my heart all day everyday.  Loves to my baby girl! 

Justin called me yesterday to chit chat.  Having him so far away reminds me of how things were before he moved out here.  Sure, it sucked because he was so far away, but now it's kind of a relief.

Okay, I'm done rambling.  Really, I just needed a good starter post.  Something is bothering me, and I'm working on figuring out just what that is.