Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Miss My BFFFE!!!

During the holidays, I get a bit depressed. Halloween especially. The Civil War games. Christmas. New Years. Okay, so October through January is especially hard. Then again during my birthday and hers as well.

My best friend and I used to be inseparable. Amazingly enough, we did almost everything together, in sync. We worked together at a couple different places, and there was a point in our lives where she lived with me. It was some of the best days of my life.  Have I ever mentioned the mountain trips?  Sledding.. those were days to die for (almost!).

Now, we barely talk. Missing her comes and goes, I'll admit, but when it comes in, its like I hit a ton of bricks. Lumps form in my throat, and going through our pictures on MySpace becomes almost unbearable. The pain of us going our separate ways, leading different lives, has taken it's toll on me this year.

The biggest reason being Ariana. Jenny was around during most of Konnor's firsts in life, including Halloween and Christmas. When he started crawling, cooing, and cutting his teeth, she was there. That is his Auntie Jenny, and nobody else's, thank you very much! He adores his baby sister, so something tells me that he'd probably share with her.

However, there hasn't been much Auntie Jenny in the last year or two. It sucks. It hurts. I miss her. I miss us. We had crazy silly adventures. So I put together this slide show. That's what I tend to do when I get all sad and sappy. Relive the memories we shared.  Easy to do when you have over 10,000 memories in the form of pictures just sitting on your computer.  With that said, here are a few of our memories (in no particular order).  Sorry it's so big.  I will fix it later. :)

We just need a new spark. Maybe someday she'll see this. Maybe someday we'll reconnect. Honestly, no one can replace her as my BFFFE (best friend for f*cking ever), and I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows "us" knows this to be true. Crazy, dumb, silly females. Man, we are the duo that you don't want to mess with!