Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mingle 12/7/2009

Mwahaha! I recorded this video last Thursday so I wouldn't be late.  It's a good thing too considering I was called into work yesterday thanks to the lovely wind storm that wiped out power to over 15,000 homes.

As per usual, please visit (or click on the button above) for more fantastic Monday Minglers!  This really is sooo much fun!


One Cluttered Brain said...

I totally HATE it when people talk behind my back too! HATE it. I just got done with that this past weekend, unfortunately it was in the bloggy world--I took care of it thank goodness! (I probably would have cussed too.);)

Nice to meet you again!
Your toes? Can U write with your toes? Just curious.

Our tree is going up today...YIPPEE!
It has finally gotten cold here an hour from Vegas...Brrr... Hot chocolate time...
Glad you will be joining us next week. How did you find Eighty MPH mom anyway? :) just wondering.

*.::alex::.* said...

Haha, I think I could probably manage to write SOMETHING with my toes. When Justin gets back from the east coast, i will have someone's feet to mess with, so i'll make a video and try to write with them as well.

I actually found about about Monday Mingle thru Kristin @

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

HA HA you crack me up Alex! too cute, i was so slacking too so I know that its better late then never!

Oh man do I hear you on soggy food and cold food. Ewww...makes me all icky feeling. I too like to have crunchy food and hot if it is suppose to be hot. You are a riot!! OMG did you say that!! LOL yes I too hate the "OMG we are friends" and then talk shit...totally feel the same way. So annoying.

See everyone likes Lucky I might have to check that out and everyone loves VS. AWE SOME!

have a great week sister! ((HUGS))

Jendi said...

Way to go with doing it ahead of time!
I could use some alone time about now. :)

I eat my cereal fast also. If the kids want something I reply, "You have to wait till I'm done with my cereal." If I help them it will get soggy!