Friday, November 20, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Yanking...

Yep, it happened.  Had three of them yanked out.  I am officialy wisdom-free (feel free to laugh, i don't feel very smart today).  The last 48 (or is it 72 now?) hours of my life are a complete haze.  They have me on antibiotics, Percocet, and Motrin.   Yes, this mamma has been feeling NOTHING since having the surgery.

They also gave me sedatives prior to surgery because I am deathly afraid of the dentist.  Apparently, I was extremely friendly Wednesday morning.  Dr. Surgeon (who knows what his name was) said I was a model patient.  Oh how lovely.   Sedatives are a great thing!   Wish I could have them EVERYTIME I go to the dentist.

You will have to excuse any rambling or non-sense that comes out here. 

Do you think, by the way, it's normal to still have numbness?  My lower lip and chin are still pretty numb.  That freaks me out just a little bit.  I can't stand to have it touched, because it feels so weird! 

Also, I am so thankful for my insurance.  That was over $1,000 worth of procedures that I paid $95 for!

Anyways, thought I'd let everyone know I'm alive!  Back to sleeeep!


Kristin said...

Alex lost her wisdom awwhhhh

gummibunny said...

I'm scared to have any work done on my teeth. I hate the noise any tool makes in the office. D:

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

OMG I thought I left you a comment on this...Wisdom teeth BLOW! Had my tops yanked with no anesthetic or anything just my McDreamy dentist that I could oogle! The bottoms...OY VEY! I wub joo Alex!!