Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Months Later...

June 5th, 2009 was a beautiful, and extremely tiring, day.  Ariana was born at 7:03 PM, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz, and 19 1/2 inches long.  From the moment they put her on me (all gooey and yucky) it was love.  After 9 months of migraines and being uncomfortable, I finally had my little girl.

5 months later, I can hardly believe it was only that long ago that she came to this world.  I guess that's because her and I bonded long before she was born.  A bond only a mother and her baby can possess.  I feel like I know everything about her, yet nothing at all.

She is constantly changing on me.  From her attitude to her sleep schedule, it doesn't seem to stay the same for long.  However, we have adjusted.  Mommy knows now to expect to wake up at least once, and sometimes up to three times a night.  Daddy knows, too, that babies work is mysterious ways.

Ariana babbles - constantly telling us what is on her mind.  If only we knew what she was saying!  She can go from being sad and cranky to cracking smiles and giggling in a split second.  Grabbing toys and shoving them in her mouth, she finds EVERYTHING fascinating.  Her swing and spider seem to have become her best friends.  

She doesn't let us hold her to eat anymore, as she almost has holding her own bottle down to an art.  Sleeping at night now consists of laying her in her bed and turning off the light instead of laying on or beside mommy.

Little Miss Independent is what my baby has become.  Sitting up and playing in her activity center, grabbing her toes (and almost getting them into her mouth), and being more vocal are all new tricks Ariana has learned in the past month-ish.  We even think she is teething, although none have broken through yet.

Since I found my video camera and all the little things I need to make it operate (oh yeah, like the charger - that's handy) I have made a commitment to myself to record a little more.  Trying to remember Konnor at her age is hard.  I have a few videos, which I am SOOO thankful for, but not enough.  So with Ariana, I am really trying!