Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day... A day for love, a day for appreciation, and a day for........ chocolate?



I love being spoiled just as much as the next girl, but who is to say that Valentine's Day has to be the only day to express your true feelings for someone?

This year, I made a vow to myself, and a silent vow to Justin (meaning he doesn't know) to never take him for granted, and to tell him just how much I love and appreciate him.

Yesterday, I spent my Valentine's Day with my love and my little loves - Justin, Konnor, and Ariana. We relaxed, we were lazy, and we enjoyed the company of one another.

Oh, of course Justin spoiled me (and himself a little) by going out and buying some goodies from Victoria's Secret and I spoiled him with his Christmas/Anniversary/Valentine's Day/Birthday gift by buying him a PS3. Yes, I know, I did it. Bought him the one gift I am going to kick myself in the ass for later. But hey, at least any game he plays on that thing can be put on pause, right?

In addition, we bought the kids each a cute little t-shirt, teddy bear, and some bubbles. Konnor and Ariana both adore bubbles, so we bought Konnor a bubble gun and Ariana a thing of bubbles. Hours of entertainment in the living room, and I can just vacuum that soapy goodness right up. Haha!

Besides going to Outback on Saturday night with Justin and Ariana, that was the extent of Valentine's Day, 2010. Simple, sweet, and NO chocolate (just how I wanted it).

What did you do for Valentine's Day? What did you receive? I want all the juicy details from my lovely readers!! :)


singlemomma said...

Being the bitter old hag that I am...Im single...imagine that ey?! HA! However, I have a little one that LOVES Valentines day so I still have to fake a smile & make it thru the day. I took my girl out for breakfast to her favorite diner....Fat Nats Eggs. Then we went to bulid a bear workshop and made her a valentine bear which she is still totting around with her at the sitters today. We spent the evening playing Monopoly....which I suck at. All in all the smile on that kids face made my Vday not suck as much as I could have let it.
Sounds like you had a fabulous day!! AWESOME!

Kris said...

My boyfriend and I mailed each other cards and mix cds, then chatted on Skype for a bit last night.

Very mellow, very nice. And the only chocolate involved was a sugarfree pudding cup. YUM. =)