Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cascade ActionPacs

Wow!!! Has anyone used these before? They are the concentrated detergent cube things that go in the dishwasher. It has both liquid and powder concentrated into this cube that is about an inch long and wide and half an inch in height.

My dishwasher SUCKS! We are forever having to scrub off every little piece of food and/or dirt before putting it into the dishwasher, making me wonder why i even bother with the dishwasher anyways.

We have tried both liquid detergent (which was okay) and powder detergent (which was a disaster). Apartments just have really crappy quality dishwashers, i guess.

Anyways, i decided to buy these Cascade ActionPacs. $5 for 20 of them, so i figured i wouldn't be out a TON of money. I used one today. Just opened my dishwasher, and OMG!!!!!!!!!!! These things are freaking amazing!!!

I put a dish in there that i didn't scrub. It wasn't that dirty, but i knew residue would have been left over with the liquid or powder detergent. Nothing with these. It is CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!